Entry: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Note: This does not just apply to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers.

If you have any information to share on UNUM's Long Term Disability malfeasance, please consider sending the information, which will be held CONFIDENTIALLY, to Jim Mooney at: cybervigil@earthlink.net

Explaination & instructions follow.

Please do forward this message to any other individuals or listserves whose members might have interest in participating.



A nationally influential law firm that has been very supportive of victims is going to present evidence of Unum's criminal malefaction to Elliot Spitzer.

They need a dozen or so representative cases to present.

If you want your case presented, send me your name, address, and phone number, along with a short and understandable synopsis of your case, to my email address at cybervigil@earthlink.net

This is not a legal action, but a criminal presentation, so you cannot necessarily expect any remediation. Although if it succeeds it may be helpful to your case down the road.

If you have been gagged, this is exempt since a gag order cannot apply to criminal acts. Nor can a gag order made under duress be legal, if such a gag was forced out of you.

These cases should preferably be in the First or Second Circuit, comprising New York, New Jersey and New England, or nearby, since they are closer to Attorney General Spitzer's venue. However, the more evidentiary and supportive cases the better, even if in other districts, since Spitzer has been prosecuting criminal insurers on a nationwide basis. (Something our corrupt Federal govt. is trying to stop, so the sooner this is filed the better.)

If you want to do this, please put "Spitzer" in the title of your email so I can file it - then send it to my usual email address - cybervigil@earthlink.net

Also, if you know of other Unum victims who want to get involved, or who may not be reading this newsletter, please have them do so. Even if you are not a Unum victim you may know those who are. I will cull through the cases I have received.

Also, please pass this announcement along to any relevant victim news or discussion groups. All contact information will be kept in strictest confidence and only go to this law firm. They will not go on the site or newsletter. Anyone who wants that will have to do it separately at some other time to avoid confusion. I won't be replying, but you can mark your email for reply confirmation so you know I got it. Please do not reply to this appeal or ask questions unless you are sending a case. It will be hard enough to sort through them as it is. I'll explain things in the newsletter at a later time.

Remember, we need name, address, phone number, and an understandable synopsis of your case. (It would help to include your email address in the body of the letter so I don't have to copy it in, since I will just send the body copy after collating them all.)

Email to cybervigil@earthlink.net with "Spitzer" in the title. Please don't send non-case queries or discussions with that name in the title at this time. I only want case synopses and contact information.

Thanks. Let's get some action on this. I would like at least thirty or forty casesynopses from the two named circuits within a day or so, along with supportive cases from other circuits in the nation. I am in the middle of moving and will be shutting down here shortly so we need to get this done quickly. If you get a duplicate of this email or it doesn't seem relevant, I'm just going to run through a huge number of victim or related addresses I have in various places, so my apologies if this is sent in error ;').

Jim Mooney, webmaster

ME International


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