As some people will be aware, both myself and Jane Bryant have been victims of two campaigns, waged against us as individuals and our families, by prominent members of the ME/CFS community. These campaigns were undertaken with the intent to place the welfare of me and my family (including my seriously ill daughter- an ME sufferer) and Jane Bryant and her son (another seriously ill ME child sufferer) at catastrophic risk.
I am now in a position to make public the particular vindictive campaign against myself that took place.
Dr Charles Shepherd, Medical Advisor, Company Secretary and Trustee to the Myalgic 'Encephalopathy' Association, had written to me and Jane a number of times with sinister but vague threats about some sort of 'investigation'. Jane and I received such an email from him Saturday evening.
I found out recently that Dr Shepherd had, with a number of cronies, made complaints against me to my University, with the intention of getting me disciplined and/ or sacked, for the 'crime' of making legitimate criticisms about his conduct, and that of others, and asking legitimate and relevant questions about this on the One Click Website.
To lose my job would have had catastrophic ramifications for the welfare of me and my family, especially as, like many families with family members suffering from ME/CFS, we are already in poverty, because of the social and material inequalities caused when a family member becomes severely disabled with a devastating illness for which there is little to no social support. My good name, character and modest career aspirations were also put in danger by the actions of Dr Shepherd and his crew.
I would also like to remind people that this is not the first time that Dr Shepherd has engaged in such vindictiveness against fellow professionals. These are detailed in the document 'Concepts of Accountability, available to read on the One Click Website.
Thankfully, good sense has prevailed. I recently received communication from my University, reminding me of my contractual right to express public and personal political, religious, social and academic views, unconnected to the University, and that it would be inappropriate for my University to intervene. The matter is closed.
This has come as a great relief. But, it need hardly be said that the stress caused to myself and my family has affected the health of my daughter adversely.
Dr Shepherd and his cohorts should, quite simply, be ashamed of themselves. But although I was shocked by their behaviour, I am not surprised. Their actions are of people whose own wrongful actions have come under the spotlight, and who lash out in inappropriate ways, partly to divert from their own misdeeds, and partly out of irrational hatred and lack of integrity. When faced with the choice of answering questions and accepting constructive criticism, or ruining the lives of those who make those questions or criticism, such people always choose to do the latter. Time and time again Dr Shepherd has caused terrible trouble for people having the courage to disagree with him, or have a different viewpoint, or take him to task for his behaviour: people who have worked hard to make things better for ME/CFS sufferers. This should set alarm bells ringing in the collective consciousness of the ME/CFS community. Whose best interests are served by such behaviour? Certainly not that of the ME/CFS community itself.
On an even more sinister note, something far worse has been attempted to be done to Jane Bryant by another prominent person whose actions have been investigated and critiqued by One Click: a truly heinous action, which may be one of the worst things that can be done to a mother, placing her family at even more catastrophic risk. This appalling act emphasises, in stark focus, how, within ME/CFS, there are some pretty dangerous foxes in charge of the henhouse.
Certainly these appalling actions of the past few weeks, added to the years of appalling actions by those claiming to represent ME/CFS sufferers' interests, indicate just how much is at stake, and how much in danger ME/CFS sufferers and their advocates truly are, from those with sinister, vested interests: claiming to be on our side, but in reality sabotaging all efforts to improve the conditions facing the ME/CFS community.
Angela Kennedy.

ME International


November 8, 2005   11:30 PM PST
The one click group is a vendiative evil organisation who refuses to even consider that these illnesses may be psycological. This means they are harimg their own children and this MUST be seen as a child protection issue.

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