Entry: Questions for AfME Monday, August 23, 2004

More CBT/GET propaganda being rolled out by the Barton and Marsh
See the programme of the conference below.
Please see a few of the suggested questions that could be asked.

(Incorporating KENT ME SOCIETY)
4 Braemore Court Kingsway Hove BN3 4FG
Tel: 01273 778890
Email: admin.sussesme@btopenworld.com

Thank you for purchasing the ticket(s) for the Kent Medical Conference being held by the Sussex & ME/CFS Society. The event will take place at Aylesford Priory on the 10th September starting at 2pm. Please find enclosed a map with full directions of how to get to The Friars where the priory is located. You will also find enclosed your unique ticket(s) which you will need to bring with you on the day as the space is limited. The program for the day is as follows:

1.45pm Doors open with light refreshments
2.05pm Welcome by Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society Introductions
2.10pm Talk by Chris Clark (CEO of Action for ME)
2.30pm Talk by Professor Leslie Findley (Consultant Neurologist at Romford ME/CFS clinic)
3.20pm Break with light refreshments
3.40pm Talk by Mary-Jane Willows (CEO of Association of Young people with ME)
3.45pm Talk by Dr. Mario Vergara (on behalf of Kent & Medway PCTs Steering group for the new specialist NHS ME/CFS Services)
3.55 pm Questions and Answers session for the panel.
4.30pm Closing address and Finish
We hope you enjoy the Conference and we are sure that all attending will find it very useful. If you have any queries please contact Joe Marsh on 01273 778890.
(Programme may be subject to change)
PATRONS Dr Des Turner MP. Sir Andrew Bowden MBE. Elizabeth, Countess of Craven. David Lepper MP
ADVISERS Professor Anthony Pinching. Dr. Keith Hine MD FRCP. Dr Anne Dew MBBS MRCGP. Dr Alan Stewart MB MRCP. Dr Kamal Patel MRCPCH MSc Charity 1082681
For AfME.
1. Why has AfME not held an Annual General Meeting that involves its subscribers since 19996, for the last eight years?
2. Why has AfME not answered the twenty-one questions posed in The AfME Dossier 2004, despite the fact that the Chair of Trustees wrote to say that the matter has been under consideration since March of this year?
3. Why is AfME colluding and sanctioning the fraudulent PACE & FINE psychiatric clinical trials?
For Professor Findley
1. Where are the legions of the lost recovered from ME/CFS since Findley has been playing psychiatric games with ME/CFS sufferers for many a year?
1. Why did AYME refuse to co-operate with the Observer newspaper in and in-depth exposure of the plight of ME/CFS children?
2. Why is AYME co-operating (via one of their medical advisers) with the CBT/GET Harrow & Hillingdon bid?
3. Why is AYME promoting CBT/GET for children when these treatments have not been tested on ME/CFS children and the Chief Medical Officer's Working Group Report states so?
For Dr. Mario Vergara of Kent & Medway PCT
1. Why are the Canadian criteria that have been used for clinical purposes on 25,000 ME/CFS patients worldwide not being used for ME/CFS centres by the Kent & Medway PCT? These are the most up to date clinical criteria in the field and failure to use them is thus considerably more than a medical oversight.
2. Why, instead, are ME/CFS patients being fed into fraudulent psychiatric clinical trials in relation to treatments such as CBT/GET that have been shown in survey after survey (including one from AfME its very self) to damage sufferers?
For Colin Barton & Joe Marsh of the Kent & Sussex ME/CFS Society
1. Do you gentlemen suffer/or have you suffered from mental disorder idiopathic chronic fatigue (F48) rather that ME/CFS (ICD-10 G93.3) neurological brain disease?
2. If the former is the case, is this why you ceaselessly promote CBT/GET that helps sufferers from mental disorder idiopathic chronic fatigue (F48) but that damages ME/CFS sufferers?
Dear friends. These are just a very few of the questions that could be posed.


ME International


Peter Smith
August 7, 2006   07:50 PM PDT

When the world surrounding ME/CFS or any other name it may have been called in the past or in the future consider; all illness is a process of the mind that interferes with the bodies Electricial and Chemicals that the immune system does not respond to because these responses are its own, so therefore makes no attempt to clean/repair, thereby causing illness and pain, the best of the worlds evidenced based medicine does not have the tools and techniques nor understanding as Talking Cures to bring about good management let alone a cure. And if it continues adopting Rene Descartes principle from 1745 never will have. It is not Genetic.

By researchers constantly regurgitating information dating from Yuppie Flu and the like all that is achieved is “If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.” In the case of the most painful and distressing set of symptoms known as ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Pain discomfort and frustration at the medical teams best yet fruitless efforts to understand the condition. And in addition the constant requirement of funding from the state of Insurances companies.


Peter Smith

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